Transforming clinical data
into actionable insights for
emergency and trauma teams’
most complex patients.


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The Problem:

Critical care and severely injured patients, rapidly changing data and the need to make life-saving decisions based on incomplete dynamic information.

Faced with minimal data and inadequate decision support, emergency and trauma teams turn to overfit scoring systems, rules of thumb and clinical gestalt to make critical lifesaving decisions under time pressure.

Designed to run on iPad at the point of care, T6 provides real time, data driven analytics and accurately documents care for a patient’s unified electronic health record.

For Clinicians

For Clinicians

  • Real time analytics, risk prediction, and clinical decision support
  • Empowers knowledge of everything that happened and when it happened
  • Effectively measures clinical treatment variability
For Administrators

For Administrators

  • Fully captures risk adjustment
  • Ensures accurate billing and eliminates missed charges
  • Detailed costing and workflow efficiency metrics

Data capture matches the pace of resuscitation.

In the fastest evolving most complex patients, real time data visualization and evidence-based workflows enabled by accurate data entry inform decisions and accurately and completely capture every component of the resuscitation.

Fit for purpose, T6 follows evidence based workflows and mimics the thinking of the astute clinician:


  • ATLS
  • EAST
  • WTA
  • TNCC


  • ESI
  • SALT
  • JumpSTART

Critical Care

  • SCCM
  • FCCS
  • ACLS
  • PALS

Informed decisions under conditions of uncertainty.

T6 informs critical decision-making, enhances team dynamics and promotes loop closure in acutely evolving clinical situations.

Your entire team on the same page. On iPad and large overhead displays in resuscitation bays, real-time, evidence- and context-based clinical decision support heightens awareness and decision-making.

  • Acute life threat warnings
  • Graphical CPGs
  • Checklists
  • Risk scores
  • Quantitative trends

Information meets coordination.

Up-to-the-minute patient census informs 24/7 to match patient numbers and acuity with care resources. Individual patient cards present key longitudinal data on a single page.

And in the event of a mass casualty incident response, T6 helps do the most good for the most number of patients:

  • Fully functional without power or network connectivity
  • Triage algorithms categorize patients
  • Patient location and movement tracking
  • CBRNE hazard detection using real time documentation analysis

Knowledge of everything that happened and when it happened.

Real time, accurate documentation of patient physiology and healthcare generates large cohorts of data immediately available for research. T6 even empowers seeing and understanding variation from care suggested by clinical decision support to transform training and advance practice in evermore complex and unstable clinical situations.

Process maps for each encounter.

Visual data inspires healthcare teams to consider the implications of everyday decisions — use of personnel, equipment, supplies and space.

A view of activities and resources used during each step of a resuscitation empowers monitoring patient trajectories, investigating individual encounters, and enabling actions that improve care, accelerate throughput and reduce costs.

Understanding costs informs value-based healthcare agendas.

T6 considers healthcare costs in four domains: personnel, equipment, supplies and space. Each resuscitation is separated into clinical processes and discrete steps, time intervals and actual costs across the above domains. The result is an automated framework for calculating the costs of every encounter and the drivers behind each expense.

Accurate reimbursement for every activity.

Along each patient’s continuum of care, providers, procedures and services are tracked. All data is compiled for the health system’s EHR. Patient acuity is accurately captured and procedures are linked with treatment protocols and guidelines to equip administrators with data to combat reimbursement denials and enhance contract management with payer organizations.

Predictive coding speeds up tedious work.

Every assessment noted on the avatar turns into predictive coding, right on iPad. Patient acuity and complexity is accurately captured, accurate bills go out the door faster and the administrative burden of quality improvement and registry programs is decreased.
  • Physicians

  • Registrars

  • Quality Improvement Teams

  • Administrators

  • Researchers

  • Performance Improvement Teams

  • Finance

Designed for speed, interoperability and security.

T6 runs on iOS. It’s fast, intuitive, reliable and scalable across units, departments, care areas and the system.

Security measures and tools guard data at all points: data collection, transfer, analysis, storage, and processing.

The interface includes services to establish and support a comprehensive bi-directional exchange with all major EHR systems. Integration of a wide variety of clinical data includes:



T6 Deployment Platforms:

In the cloud

  • Azure
  • AWS


  • HP / Dell
  • Edge VMW are vSphere
  • Other VMs


  • AWS Snowball / Outpost
  • Azure Arc / Stack

IT Ops

  • Windows/Linux


  • Docker images / Kubernetes